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Instructions and More Information

Select the characteristics of the source database, target service and requirements for the migration to identify available migration methods.

Key decision points include:

Migration Mode

  • Offline migration

    • Applications are offline during migration
    • Duplicates entire database in one operation
  • Online migration

    • Applications are online during migration
    • Captures incremental source database changes in real time and continuously applies them to the target database

Migration Type

  • Logical migration

    • Captures source data and metadata separately from physical data using Oracle Data Pump and OCI GoldenGate
    • Enables source and target databases to be different versions and platforms
  • Physical migration

    • Captures source data and metadata using Recovery Manager and (optionally) ongoing changes with Oracle Data Guard
    • Source and target databases must be the same version and platform types

Migration options are divided into Automated and Manual methods. Automated methods require configuration and are best suited for

  • migration projects involving more than ten databases

  • users who are not familiar with OCI operations such as wallet management and cloud registration since these are managed by the methods

Not sure which Oracle Database Management cloud service best suits your use case? Visit the Oracle Database Services Navigator to explore Oracle's offerings.

Find further information on Oracle's migration methods and services here

Note: For DB size over 100TB, Oracle recommends the use of Data Transfer Service (DTS) . Not applicable for C@C. See regional availability

(*) DB version Support Schedule (Doc ID 742060.1)

  The selection implies a database upgrade. Below are methods to upgrade as you migrate.
You may also upgrade the database first, then migrate, or migrate and then upgrade.
Select matching source and target DB versions to list methods available in that case.

Automated Methods

Migration MethodTechnology Used
Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) - Logical
Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) - Physical Offline
Zero Downtime Migration (ZDM) - Physical Online
Enterprise Manager Migration Workbench - Logical
Enterprise Manager Migration Workbench - Physical

Manual Methods

Migration Method (ordered by Recommendation weight)Technology Used
Data Pump Conventional Export/Import
Data Pump Full Transportable
Data Pump Transportable Tablespace
RMAN CONVERT Transportable Tablespace with Data Pump
RMAN Cross-Platform Transportable PDB
RMAN Cross-Platform Transportable Tablespace Backup Sets
RMAN DUPLICATE from an Active Database
RMAN Transportable Tablespace with Data Pump
Remote Cloning Non-CDB
Remote Cloning a PDB
Replication-based migration - Logical
Replication-based migration - Physical
Unplugging/Plugging Non-CDB
Unplugging/Plugging a PDB
SQL Developer and SQL*Loader to Migrate Selected Objects